Last updated: 2023-12-17

Hot Victoria Blanc & Nisha love touching themselves on camera.

  • Name:Victoria Blanc & Nisha
  • Hair:Brown-haired
  • Country:France
  • City:Paris
  • Type:European
  • Height:5.48
  • Weight:112
  • Stats:37/24/35
  • Victoria Blanc & Nisha - Duo


Victoria Blanc and Nisha hit it off from the moment that they met, so we now have them getting off on the dance floor together. Victoria is very confident and forward and Nisha happens to love that in a woman. Although Nisha is a bit taller, Victoria went toe to toe with her during a flirting escapade and the two have been glued to the hip ever since. They are both self proclaimed ass lovers so you may see a little bit of anal play from these two lovers.

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